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why you should book a casino party with us

atlanta casino events is a specialized theme party company:

  • casino night parties
  • charity events
  • private parties of all kinds
  • corporate events
  • and more!

the best dj's and music for your party!

we are casino party experts and music experts. if you hire a dj/host from us, you get a real, professional dj and casino host who has performed at many hundreds of engagements of every conceivable type, and is expert in many musical styles.

book a night with us

don't delay! if you want to try something new and fun for your friends, give us a call. you won't be disappointed!

what are you waiting for? call (770) 617-6942.

about atlanta casino events

entertainer of the year 2014

atlanta casino events provides high quality casino games, experienced professional quality dealers, dj/hosts, and light, casino themed decor for private parties and special events in the atlanta area and the southeast. ace is absolutely committed to making your casino themed event as authentic as possible and above all...fun!

atlanta casino events is a family owned entertainment business based in north gwinnett county, a part of the metro atlanta area in north georgia. this is a very convenient location from which to serve atlanta and all of georgia along with much of north and south carolina, and east tennessee.
we now have a branch of our company located in chattanooga.

we have performed shows from the bahamas and the florida keys to michigan to texas.

we are also affiliated with a few of the very best entertainment production companies in the atlanta area!

available in atlanta, athens ga, chattanooga tn, and greenville sc

atlanta casino events can schedule your party in atlanta, macon, athens ga, chattanooga tn and greenville sc along with virtually any other city in georgia, east tennessee, and western north and south carolina. dates fill up very fast - we urge you to give us a call if you are interested and we can pencil you in for a great evening of fun! give us a call!


a casino night party with atlanta casino events!

atlanta casino events provides the best fun and instruction in learning casino games like craps, blackjack, roulette, texas hold’em poker, three card poker, and a money wheel, along with the derby, a totally unique, spectacular, high-energy horse racing-themed stage show.

our attractive gaming equipment, along with our highly professional and friendly dealers will create a most memorable evening for your guests. we can also provide a variety of music with a state-of-the-art sound system for those who want to dance, or just enjoy the additional energy that music can provide.

trust me.... these guys are the real deal, in more ways than one.glenn

our djs specialize in providing music, announcements, and fun games like trivia, blackjack madness, name that tune, and other party enhancing diversions to that will allow your guests to win extra playing chips (unless your event is a fundraiser) and add to the overall excitement of the event.

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everything we do revolves around casino parties and music. period!

our secret - improve your chances of winning at real casinos!

finally ... if you're heading to las vegas or atlantic city in the near future, we'll also teach you how to increase your chances of winning at the casino's.

all of our professional employees can teach you the best methods of winning any game at any casino!

emily (atlanta)
everyone said how this was the best house party they have ever been to. the guests have made multiple comments about how the dealers made it fun and how they actually learned how to play casino games that they never knew how to play. craps was definitely one of those games that pretty much everyone learned how to play. many calls telling me how they thought your service was top notch! will was definitely a hit!melissa (chattanooga)


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